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Signs Your Roof Requires Repair
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Signs Your Roof Requires Repair

Your roof plays a major role in protecting your home from various forms of damage. Ensuring that your roof is always in top condition will ensure your home stays protected against wind, water, and snow. Keeping an eye out for these signs of roof damage can help you stay on top of necessary repairs. When your roof requires repair, Lighting Restoration can assist with our speedy roofing services.

●        Cracked, Warped, or Broken Shingles

Shingles should appear flat and even on your roof. If you’re noticing your roof’s shingles cracking or buckling, you should schedule a roof repair as soon as possible. Shingles are key components to ensuring your roof protects your home properly. When shingles become too worn down, they leave your home at risk of water damage Keeping an eye out for shingle granules in your gutters system is also a key way to spot when your roof is due for repair.

●        Noticeable Slopes or Valleys

Take a moment to inspect your roof. The surface level should be even the entire way across, however, if you’re noticing dips and slopes on the surface, you are in need of a roof repair. Slopes on your roof often indicate signs of water damage. When left unrepaired, this can lead to more costly damages down the road. The professionals at Lightning Restoration can provide you with a free inspection so you can feel confident knowing exactly what type of repair your roof requires.

●        Noticeable Rotting

Rot can cause your roof and foundation to deteriorate at a fast rate. Because of this, you should keep an eye out for any signs of rotting or mold growth on your roof. The professional team of contractors at Lightning Restoration can assist you with a free inspection and prompt repair for any rotting or mold that may be compromising your roof’s integrity.

●        Backed Up Gutters

While finding twigs, leaves, and small branches are typical for gutter systems, if you’re finding pieces of your roof’s shingles and exterior in your gutters, you may be due for a repair. Large pieces of shingles can cause your gutters to become clogged, which can put your roof at risk for further water damage. Contact a professional roofing company, such as Lightning Restoration, as soon as you recognize this sign of roof deterioration.

●        Signs of Growth on the Shingles

While green plants may look nice on the inside of your home, algae and other growth on your roof is an indication that you are in need of roof repair. When moisture becomes trapped in your roof, plants such as algae can start to grow in between the shingles. Because water damage can cause your home’s foundation to deteriorate, you should schedule a roof repair service as soon as you notice any growth.

●        Daylight in Your Attic

A solid and secure roof shouldn’t show any daylight shining through the cracks of your attic’s ceiling. If you’re noticing sunlight peeking through cracks and holes in your attic’s ceiling, you may be due for a roof repair.

●        Large Branches

Weather in Minnesota can be unpredictable. Between high winds and severe thunderstorms, there are several instances that can send large branches or trees down on your home’s roof. If you’ve recently experienced a severe storm, take the time to inspect your roof for any large branches that may have landed on your roof. These forces can cause damage to your shingles and roof exterior. The Lighting Restoration team can also assist you with a professional inspection so you can stay on top of any necessary repairs.

●        Hail Damage

Recognizing signs of hail damage on your roof can be difficult after a recent storm. After all, if you’re unable to get on top of your house, seeing hail damage from the ground can be nearly impossible. However, despite how easy it may be to overlook signs of hail damage, you should still be aware of whether your roof has experienced any forms of hail damage.

If you’re not sure how to inspect your roof for hail damage, Lighting Restoration is ready to help. We provide our customers with free professional roof inspections to ensure all indications of hail damage are promptly repaired.

Keeping an eye out for these signs of roof deterioration and other roof damage can help you maintain a safe and secure home. Promptly scheduling roof repair services will also save your home from enduring more sever and costly damages down the road. For any assistance with keeping your roof in the best condition, contact Lighting Restoration.

Your Team of Roofing Contractors

From gutter repair to storm damage repair, Lighnting Restoration has the experience and workmanship dedication to provide you with top-notch roof repair services. To schedule a service with our team of qualified and dedicated roofing professionals, contact Lightning Restoration today at 651-460-9407.

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