How to Spot Roof Damage
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How to Spot Roof Damage
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How to Spot Roof Damage

Signs of Damage

Throughout the years, your home’s roof can endure a lot of damage. From harsh winds to extreme thunderstorms, there are a variety of ways your roof can turn faulty. As a homeowner, you should recognize the signs your roof is in need of repair. If you notice any of these conditions, call Lightning Restoration for a free inspection and high-quality repair services.

●        Cracked or Broken Shingles

If you notice your shingles have seen better days, consider having them replaced. Cracked, curling or missing shingles often indicate your roof’s shingles are reaching the end of their lifespan. Additionally, damaged shingles can result in roof leaks and other issues.

●        Pieces of Shingles in the Gutters

If you notice pieces of your shingles scattered in your gutters, you should consider having the shingles replaced. Often, these little pieces indicate your shingles have worn down excessively.

●        A Recent Storm Passed

After a storm hits your neighborhood, it can be difficult to notice damage left behind on your roof. High winds or freezing temperatures may have damaged your shingles or removed a section of your gutters. To ensure you are not missing any pressing details on your roof, contact Lightning Restoration. Our team of professional contractors can conduct a thorough inspection of your roof after a storm to catch any hard-to-see areas of damage.

●        Deterioration Around Objects

Throughout the years, a roof will start to wear down near the chimney, vents, and other penetrating objects. After excessive deterioration, your roof can start to water or air leaks. Because these spots are typically difficult to see from on the ground, consider contacting a reputable roofing contracting company such as Lightning Restoration.

●        Roof Leaks

Perhaps the most obvious sign of roof damage, if you notice a leak in your attic or on your ceiling, contact a contracting company as soon as possible. Leaks often indicate your roof has experienced excessive damage and requires professional repair.

●        Discoloration on Ceiling or Wall

Staining along your walls or ceilings could indicate many issues, including roof damage. A damaged roof often allows moisture to infiltrate your home, which can cause the foundation to rot and wear down. At Lightning Restoration, we can provide you with a free inspection to indicate the cause of the staining and work to resolve the issue.

●        Sagging Appearance

When areas of your roof accumulate excessive amounts of moisture, it can cause your roof to sag. If you think an area of your roof appears to pull down rather than remaining straight and consistent, consider having a professional inspect the damage.

Sign of hail damage on a roof

Benefits of Professional Roof Inspections

Spotting areas of roof damage can be difficult for the untrained eye. Additionally, damaged areas can be out of plain sight when viewing from the ground. In order to catch these spots before they turn into worse issues, contact a professional contracting company, such as Lightning Restoration, for an inspection. There are several benefits to having a professional contractor inspect your roof.

●        Professional Water Detection

Professional roofing contractors are experienced in spotting and detecting various indications of roof damage, including water damage. Often, typical signs of water damage are easy to miss. Failing to identify water damage can lead to larger issues such as roof leaks. A professional inspection will address all potentially problematic areas.

●        Insurance Assistance

Understanding how your insurance can assist with the cost of a roofing job can be difficult. At Lightning Restoration, we can assist you with your insurance questions. Along with our inspection, we can help you understand how your insurance will work with our services.

●        Detect Hard-to-See Areas

Especially from the ground, it can be difficult to spot missing, cracked, or broken shingles. With a professional roof inspection, you can feel confident an experienced contractor is closely assessing any and all areas of damage on your roof, including the hard-to-see shingles and other spots.

●        Prolong Your Roof’s Lifespan

Having a professional contractor regularly inspect your roof can help you consistently maintain the damaged areas. Repairing issues soon after they arise can assist in prolonging your roof’s lifespan. Not only does this promote the safety of you and your family members, but it can also save you from taking on even more costly damage repairs in the future.

As a homeowner, you face several types of responsibilities. Among those responsibilities is taking the time to ensure your roof is still in the best shape to protect you and your home’s foundation.

To receive a free quote from a qualified contractor, contact Lightning Restoration today. We can help you spot and repair any spots of damage before they can get worse.

Hail Damage on Roof



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