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Window Types to Add to Your Home
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Window Types to Add to Your Home

Installing new windows on your home is an excellent way to enhance your home’s curb appeal, comfort, and security. Windows bring natural lighting into your home while providing you with beautiful views and protection from the outside elements.

Because of all of the different roles windows play, it is critical that you find the window types that are best for your needs. Lightning Restoration is ready to securely and professionally install the windows you want. There are several window types to choose from based on your personal preferences.

●        Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows open vertically. They give you the option to access fresh air from the top of the frame as well as the bottom, which makes them an excellent choice for optimal airflow. To open these windows, simply switch the sash from locked to open and slide the windowpane form its position.

Double-hung windows are ideal for spaces where you need maximized space, such as the kitchen or a small bedroom, as they slide open rather than protrude outward or inward. They are easy to operate and provide a timeless look for your home.

●        Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows have a similar appearance and operation to double-hung windows. The main difference between these two window styles is that only the bottom window frame can be opened. While they’re not quite as versatile as a double-hung window, single-hung windows still provide a versatile and classic look for your home. Single-hung windows may be more affordable compared to double-hung windows while still supplying you with your desired curb appeal.

●        Casement Windows

Casement windows are a visually and operationally different window compared to single or double-hung windows. Rather than sliding open, casement windows utilize a hinge and crank to open outward.

Casement windows are an ideal window choice if you prefer optimal sunlight in your home, as they allow plenty of natural daylight in. Additionally, casement windows also provide your home with optimal airflow when opened.

Even if you prefer the visual appeal of a double or single hung window, you can install casement windows that imitate the style of a hung window while still operating as a casement window! Contact Lightning Restoration to learn more about your options.

●        Awning Windows

Awning windows are equipped with a simple crank operation. The frame opens outward, making for optimal air ventilation throughout the entire room. Awning windows are especially ideal during rainy weather since the pane allows you to keep your windows open without letting moisture into your home.

●        Picture Windows

If you simply want to maximize your home’s natural lighting, you can opt for the installation of a picture window. Picture windows don’t require any operation or maintenance, aside from standard routine cleaning. Picture windows can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their main purpose is to give you an optimal view of the beautiful outdoors.

●        Transom Windows

Want to add some more light to your entryway? Installing a transom window above your front door is an excellent way to bring in natural daylight to your home. They can also add a touch of additional style and elegance to your entryway. If you’re interested in adding a transom window to your home, give our team a call. Lightning Restoration provides fast and efficient window installation services for residential homes.

●        Sliding Windows

If you’re in need of a simple window that’s easy to operate, consider having sliding windows installed in your home. Sliding windows are a modern and elegant choice for any home. They’re also ideal for serving as an egress window in a basement bedroom.

●        Bay and Bow Windows

Enhance the space and aesthetic appeal of any room with a bay or bow window. Bay and bow windows consist of four to five window panes that protrude outward. These window styles can provide you with additional seating space, as well as a wider view of the outdoors.

Depending on your preference, bay and bow window designs can consist of operable windows such as casement and single-hung. The team at Lighting Restoration can sit down with you to understand your bay or bow window design preferences.

Understanding how each window style differs will help you make a decision that meets your design and comfort preferences best. You can also choose two different window styles to disperse among your house’s rooms. For any assistance with window installation questions or concerns, contact Lightning Restoration!

Contact Lightning Restoration Today

At Lightning Restoration, strive to provide our customers with top-notch home improvement solutions. If your home is in need of new, high-quality windows, our team is ready to help! For expert window installation services, contact Lighting Restoration today at 651-490-9407.

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