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Vinyl vs Cement: Which Siding is Best for You?
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Vinyl vs Cement: Which Siding is Best for You?

Two of the most popular siding choices among homeowners are vinyl siding and fiber cement. There are several elements that make these noteworthy siding options. However, to install the siding option that is best for your personal requirements, you should take the time to understand each option’s unique elements and how they differ from one another.

Here is a guide to help you decide whether vinyl or fiber cement siding is best for your home. There are several noteworthy differences between the two siding options that are sure to make a difference in your home improvement requirements. For secure siding installation services, give the team at Lighting Restoration a call!

Fiber Cement vs Vinyl Siding


Fiber cement is a combination of wood pulp and cement that is formed into shingles. You can also purchase fiber cement siding that is formed into square, half-round, or staggered shingles. Fiber cement pieces can also be formed into the shape of long boards.

Alternatively, vinyl siding is created from PCV, making it a tough and plastic-based option. Because of its material, vinyl siding is easily adaptable to many forms of weather and temperatures.


Fiber cement siding allows you some room for creativity. This material can be stained and painted in just about any color you would like. You can also purchase pre-painted fiber cement siding to take out a step of the installation process.

Vinyl siding is highly versatile. There is a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures, and hues. You can even get vinyl siding that looks just like popular types of wood. If you prefer the other features of vinyl siding but still want to achieve the look of fiber cement, you can even find vinyl siding material that mocks fiber cement.

Energy Efficiency

Fiber cement siding is generally energy efficient. With new material, you’ll be able to decrease your monthly energy bills and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Vinyl siding, however, may come on top as the most energy-efficient of the two options. Vinyl siding can come equipped with a layer of insulation which increases your home’s energy efficiency. This additional insulation assists with keeping your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter.


Fiber cement is a highly durable siding option. It can withstand high winds and changing temperatures with ease and efficiency. However, fiber cement does pose a risk for moisture damage, as the material tends to absorb moisture more easily than vinyl.

Vinyl siding is also extremely durable. This option isn’t susceptible to moisture damage and is resistant to cracking, splitting, and breaking. If you’re looking for a siding option that can take on the harshest conditions, consider opting for vinyl siding.


After years of various conditions and forms of wear and tear, you may need to repaint your fiber cement siding. Additionally, any areas of water damage may need to be tended to with caulk and other materials.

Vinyl siding typically requires little to no maintenance. Over the season, dirt, mud, and other debris might need to be removed using a hose or a sponge. However, because of vinyl siding’s vibrancy and durability, the colors will not fade over time. This means that you won’t have to worry about repainting your vinyl siding.

Making Your Decision

While both siding options are fit to protect a home from the natural elements, weighing their differences will help you select a siding that meets your needs and expectations. Lightning Restoration provides professional siding installation services for both vinyl and fiber cement. Our team will ensure your new siding is securely installed and ready to serve you and your family for years to come.

Contact Lighting Restoration Today

From roof repair to window replacement, we can help sustain a durable and beautiful home with a number of exterior improvement services. If you’re in need of professional siding installation services, contact Lightning Restoration today at 651-460-9407. We look forward to serving you!

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