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Signs of Commercial Roof Damage
Lightning Restoration

Signs of Commercial Roof Damage

Building owners in Minnesota are familiar with frequent hail storms during the spring and summer. Larger hailstones can severely damage the integrity of a commercial roof, leaving building owners at risk of costly repairs and building deterioration. By keeping an eye out for signs of hail damage, you can schedule prompt repairs and save your building from enduring severe forms of damage.

Lightning Restoration provides prompt and efficient hail damage repair services for commercial buildings. As soon as you think your building has been damaged by a recent storm, we’ll be there to supply you with the solution you need. To start with a free estimate, contact us today.

Signs of Hail Damage

While noticing hail damage isn’t always easy for the untrained eye, there are some signs you can watch for. The experts at Lightning Restoration can also assist you with a free inspection to ensure all forms of damage are promptly repaired. Here are indications your commercial building’s roof has been damaged by hail.

●        Water Stains

Visible water stains on your building’s interior is an indication that your commercial roof has experienced hail damage. When hail breaks down your roof’s integrity your roof becomes susceptible to water exposure. Excessive water exposure can cause walls and ceilings to discolor and stain. If you notice water stains inside your building, contact Lighting Restoration as soon as possible.

●        Damaged Shingles

An obvious sign of hail damage is broken shingles. Your roof’s shingles should appear flat and straight. If you notice your shingles appear cracked or dented, you should contact professional roofers as soon as possible. When hailstones break your roof’s shingles, your building is at risk of enduring other forms of damage such as water exposure and wind damage. Stay ahead of costly repairs by having Lighting Restoration quickly inspect and repair your roof’s hail damage.

●        Broken Gutters

Large hailstones can cause your building’s gutters to break, dent, or even detach from the building. Damaged gutters often indicate that your building’s roof has also endured some form of hail damage during the storm. Lightning Restoration can provide you with prompt and thorough roof inspection services capable of assessing your roof’s current state. We’ll report and repair all forms of damage so you can feel confident in your roof’s security.

Keeping an eye out for these signs of hail damage will help you schedule repairs before the damage worsens. Lightning Restoration provides free inspections so you can feel confident knowing exactly what kind of damage your roof has and the type of repairs it requires.

Why Count on Lightning Restoration for Hail Damage Repair

At Lightning Restoration, we bring years of hail damage repair experience to every project. We know what it takes to spot even the most discreet forms of hail damage. Our team of dedicated contractors will work quickly and efficiently to provide you with the repairs you need.

When it comes to commercial buildings, maximizing the roof’s security is critical. The roof protects your building from enduring a variety of issues. There are a number of reasons why you can count on Lightning Restoration for your commercial roof’s hail damage repair services.

●        Free Inspections

We want you to be familiar with every aspect of your commercial roof, which is why we’ll conduct a thorough inspection— free of charge! After our inspection, we will provide you with a complete report of our findings so you know what type of repair your roof requires.

●        Honest Communication

At Lightning Restoration, we strive to provide our customers with consistent and honest communication every step of the way. When you work with our team, you won’t have to worry about any scams or gimmicks.

●        Prompt Service

You can count on Lightning Restoration to repair your roof’s hail damage quickly and efficiently. We have the experience and equipment to restore your roof back to its dependable condition.

●        Five-Star Reviews

When it comes to hail damage, Lightning Restoration is the company you can trust. We bring countless positive reviews from past customers to each project. Take a look at our reviews to learn more about how our hail damage restoration services have assisted customers in the past.

Contact Lightning Restoration for Quality Hail Damage Restoration

At Lightning Restoration, we want you to feel confident in every aspect of your building’s roof. Whether you know exactly when a storm impacted your building, or you prefer to fill out our storm date report prior to scheduling, our team is ready to help. For quality hail damage repair services, contact us today at 651-460-9407.

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