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Steel Siding Installed By Lightning Restoration

Because siding plays a major role in keeping your property protected and energy-efficient, you should put repairs in the hands of qualified experts. Lightning Restoration brings 30 years of experience to every siding service. We’ll professionally repair and install your property’s steel siding. Get your free quote today!

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    While insurance policies can be difficult to navigate, they can play a key role in ensuring you get the siding service you need. We’ll help you get the most out of your insurance coverage.
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    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We’ll provide you with honest and thorough communication so you can feel confident throughout your entire service.
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Steel Siding Repair & Installation Services

Homes and other properties in Minnesota experience a variety of natural elements. From melting snow to intense hail storms, the weather here sure can put your steel siding to the test! Corrosion, denting, and buckling all indicate signs of siding deterioration that put your home or building at risk for leaks and exposure to the outdoors. Broken and damaged siding can not only result in a loss of energy efficiency and security, but also negatively impact the aesthetic value of your property.

If your steel siding starts to rust and deteriorate, contact Lightning Restoration for repair and installation services. We can help you save on high energy bills and keep your home or business protected. Give us a call at 651-899-ROOF for a free insurance inspection!

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Steel Siding

Steel Siding FAQs

Lightning Restoration is Apple Valley’s local source for siding repair and installation services. Read answers to our most frequently asked questions about steel siding below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email.

BoltHow long does steel siding last?

Because steel is a durable siding option, with proper installation, you can expect your new steel siding to last around 20-40 years.

BoltWill steel siding rust?

If the finish becomes scratched, or if the finish is left unpainted for too long, steel siding can rust over time. Be sure to take the time to properly maintain your steel siding to prevent rust from developing.

BoltCan you repaint metal siding?

Yes, you can repaint metal siding. However, be sure to thoroughly clean the area and use a latex-bonding primer prior to applying the paint.

BoltDoes metal siding fade?

Although steel siding generally holds its color well, excessive exposure to natural elements can cause the siding to fade over time.

BoltDoes steel siding make noise?

Modern-day steel siding shouldn’t be any noisier than other siding options, as long as it is properly insulated and installed.

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Lightning Restoration provides high-quality exterior repair and remodeling services for residential and commercial buildings in Apple Valley and the surrounding metro area. Our team of trained and qualified contractors know how to get the job done. We bring professionalism and efficient communication to every project to ensure you feel confident in our services.

If your steel siding has experienced damage or has simply seen better days, contact us today! We provide free quotes so you get exactly what your home or property needs for the price you expect.

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