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Cedar Shake Repair, Replacement, & Installation Services

Cedar Shake Roofing

Visually beautiful and long-lasting, cedar shake roofs are popular for Minnesota homes. Although cedar shake is a durable roofing option, the shingles may require repair and maintenance from time to time. Lightning Restoration can properly repair, replace, or install your cedar shake roof to help you maintain a secure home.

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  • Professional Roofing Services
    The Lightning Restoration team is no stranger when it comes to commercial and residential roofing. We supply professional repair services for cedar, asphalt, and metal roofs.
  • Fast and Efficient Storm Damage Repair
    Has a recent storm left your cedar shake roof broken and damaged? Lightning Restoration will provide you with quick, and secure storm damage repair services to help you bring your property back to life.
  • Insurance Assistance
    Thoroughly understanding your insurance coverage is critical when it comes to roof repair. We’ll provide you with a dedicated representative to guide you through your insurance policy.
  • Experienced and Qualified
    With over 30 years of combined experience in construction, Lightning Restoration has the expertise necessary for quality results. Take a look at our reviews to learn more about how we can help you.

If your cedar shake roof is missing shingles or you’ve noticed early signs of water damage, call us for an inspection ASAP. Our experienced crew will assess the damage and provide a free quote for repair or replacement. Contact us online or call 651-899-ROOF!

Our Exterior Remodeling Services

Lightning Restoration is a full-service exterior remodeling and storm restoration company. Our team of qualified contractors can help you restore or transform your home’s exterior, from windows and siding to roofing and gutters.

Over time, any type of shingle can become worn, cracked, and broken. When your roofing has deterioration or storm damage, it’s important to act fast, as serious issues such as leaking and water damage can quickly set in. Flaws in your roof can also cause your home to become less energy-efficient, resulting in higher energy bills.

If you’re not sure whether your cedar shake roof should be repaired or replaced, we’re happy to help! After conducting an inspection, we’ll give you an honest recommendation and a free quote.

BoltCedar Shake Roofing Repair

From high winds to freezing temperatures, cedar shake roofs can experience several forms of extreme weather conditions in Minnesota. By promptly scheduling roof repair services after a storm or at the first sign of damage, you can enhance your home’s durability, longevity, curb appeal, and energy-efficiency.

Signs of damage to cedar shingles include:

  • Bottom edges that are frayed or split
  • Discolored or streaky shingles
  • Cracking, warping, or splitting shingles
  • Moss growth, rot, or decay

Our team of qualified contractors at Lightning Restoration can restore or repair any kind of damage to cedar shake roofing. Using our expertise and unmatched knowledge, we catch even the most difficult-to-see problem areas.

BoltCedar Shake Roof Replacement

When your roof has seen better days, contact our team of cedar shake roofing installers for a professional replacement service! We can replace your old, worn down shingles with durable, new materials.

Replacing your roof offers a number of benefits, making the replacement an excellent return on your investment:

  • Protect your home from water damage and foundation deterioration
  • Stand strong during high winds and strong storms
  • Increase your home’s market value

Whether your home is older than 50 years or your roof has been severely damaged by a recent storm, our cedar shake roofing services can restore your roof back to its secure state. Schedule your Schedule your free inspection today!

Contact Lightning Restoration for Cedar Shake Roofing Services

At Lightning Restoration, we strive to be the roofing contractor you can count on. If your cedar shake roof is due for repair or replacement, or if you’d like a cedar roof installed, contact our team of trained contractors. We can help you maintain a durable and long-lasting roof!


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