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Apple Valley Gutter Repair & Installation Services

Lightning Restoration is your gutter repair and installation company for residential and commercial buildings. As a leading contractor in Apple Valley and the surrounding area, we use expertise and precision to ensure your gutters are ready to serve you for years to come. For expert gutter installation services, contact Lightning Restoration today!

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    Our team of contractors brings years of experience and knowledge to each project. We’ll utilize our expertise to securely repair or replace your gutter system.
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    A faulty gutter system can lead to building deterioration and other issues. The Lightning Restoration team will work quickly to properly repair gutters so your building or home can be protected as soon as possible.
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Signs Your Gutters Need Repair

Because your gutters play an important role in protecting your home from water damage and foundation deterioration, promptly repairing any damage is critical. While some forms of damage are easy to notice, other types of damage may be more difficult to recognize. There are several signs that indicate your gutters require repair.

BoltSagging or Uneven Gutters

Secure and stable gutters should appear stable, consistent, and even. If you notice your gutters starting to sag and appear loose, you may require professional gutter repair service.

BoltMold, Mildew, and Staining in Your Attic

A common indication that your gutters aren’t performing properly is the growth of mold and mildew in your attic. When gutters don’t guide water away from your home, water can start to damage your home, resulting in staining and mildew. Keep an eye out for these signs of damage and contact Lighting Restoration as soon as possible for prompt gutter repair service.

BoltExcess Water on Your Landscape

Gutter systems should dispose of water so that it does not collect around your home and damage the landscape. If your noticing puddles of water around your home, schedule a gutter repair service as soon as possible. Puddling water can damage your landscape as well as deteriorate your home’s foundation.

Your Apple Valley Storm Damage Experts

Severe weather events can cause various types of issues for the gutters and downspouts installed on your home. Unfortunately, unless damage is highly apparent, gutter systems tend to be one of the most overlooked areas of repair or replacement after a storm.

Older gutters and downspouts have the potential to loosen, bend and clog due to hail, wind, storm debris, and heavy rainfall. When gutter systems become damaged or clogged, they may lose their ability to effectively carry water away from the roof and foundational structure. Over time, this can lead to both exterior and interior damage to your property including water leaks on walls and floors, water damming and fire hazards.

Lightning Restoration’s storm damage experts objectively inspect your gutter systems to assess whether a repair or full replacement is needed for your gutter system. We offer a Lifetime Labor Warranty on all work we perform, including gutter systems.


Gutter Guard Installation

One of the most effective methods of preventing your gutters from accumulating problematic leaves, twigs, and debris, is utilizing a high-quality gutter guard. At Lightning Restoration, we install LeafProof® gutter guards to maximize the performance of your gutter guards. We also install Gutter RX™ gutter guards and Premier Gutter Cover products.

Contact Lightning Restoration Today

Our team of professionals can assess any damage caused to your gutters. We can also help you determine which gutter guards would suit your home best. We want to ensure our services can help you have a reliable gutter system that is capable of properly protecting your home’s siding and roof from water damage.

To start protecting your home with a reliable gutter system, contact Lightning Restoration today.

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