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With over 30 years of experience in exterior contracting, Lightning Restoration is the company you can count on. We’ll provide you with prompt and professional siding repair and installation services for your commercial or residential building.

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Siding Repair & Installation Services

Not only does your siding provide curb appeal to the exterior of your home, but it also serves as a constant barrier of protection from moisture, insects, dirt and harmful weather elements.

After a severe storm, you should always have the exterior of your home inspected for possible hail damage. Depending on your siding’s material, it may be difficult to determine certain aspects of damage. The storm damage experts at Lightning Restoration provide objective assessments of damage on all types of siding installations.

Our professional crews take pride in delivering quality craftsmanship in order to ensure the curb appeal and integrity of your home are restored in a timely manner. From assisting the homeowner in an insurance claim to the selection of exterior siding colors, we keep it efficient and simple. We also provide a Lifetime Labor Warranty on siding jobs of all sizes.

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Siding Brands We Carry

  • James Hardie®
  • LP Smartside®
  • EDCO
  • Mastic

Core Siding Product: James Hardie®

At Lightning Restoration, our focus is on delivering top of the line products to our customers! Working with us means you get to choose from a variety of materials and manufacturers for roofing, siding, and windows.

Our core products are most highly recommended by our team. For siding, we recommend James Hardie®, the world’s highest-performance fiber cement siding, trim, backer board and more.

James Hardie® siding comes in styles that suit every home style, from historic to modern.

Khaki Brown Swatch
Evening Blue Swatch
Navajo Beige Swatch
Boothbay Blue Swatch
Gray Slate Swatch
Iron Gray Swatch
Monterey Taupe Swatch
Pearl Gray Swatch
Arctic White Swatch
Deep Ocean Swatch
Cobble Stone Swatch

Benefits of New Siding

At Lightning Restoration, we provide top-notch siding repair and installation services. If your home has experienced storm damage or excessive wear and tear, you may benefit from our siding replacement services.

BoltPrevent Further Damage

Cracked, splitting, and damaged siding can cause greater issues to occur. Water damage can easily get in between cracks and cause the home’s foundation to rot. Additionally, damaged siding can also result in the growth of mold, mildew and other harmful particles.

BoltIncrease Energy Efficiency

Damaged and worn down siding can decrease your home’s energy efficiency. Replacing your siding with new material can help keep warm air in your home during the winter and cool air in during the summer.

BoltEnhance Curb Appeal

In addition to creating a more energy-efficient environment, new siding can also enhance your home’s curb appeal. When your home’s siding is chipped and cracked, it negatively impacts the entire appearance of your home. Because siding comes in many textures and colors, it gives you the chance to modernize your home altogether. Enhance your home’s appearance with new, durable siding.

BoltIncrease Market Value

If you want to sell your house in the future, new siding can help increase its market value. When siding is chipped and damaged, not only does it look unappealing but it can also lead to water damage on the foundation of your home. New siding will improve the visual appearance of your home while also protecting its foundation from water damage and rot. Because of these benefits, buyers will value the new siding and be more inclined to purchase your home.

Your Siding Installation Contractor

At Lightning Restoration, we strive to be the siding contractor Minnesota homeowners can trust. We provide transparent communication capable of keeping our customers as informed and satisfied as possible.

Our team of contractors installs high-quality products for our customers to ensure their homes are as durable and secure as possible. We follow an expert installation process that maximizes satisfying results. Our contractors arrive to every project prepared to repair or install siding as efficiently as possible.

Lightning Restoration is a reputable exterior contracting company. We work hard to provide our customers with high-end results. To learn more about our siding repair and installation services, or to schedule a free inspection for your own home, contact us today at 651-899-ROOF.

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