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How a Hail Storm Impacts Your Home
Lightning Restoration

How a Hail Storm Impacts Your Home

With springtime in full swing, there’s an increased chance of hailstorms occurring at any time. Hail storms can be damaging to a home, leaving homeowners in need of fast and reliable storm damage restoration services. There are several ways hail can damage your home. Keep an eye out for these indications of storm damage and schedule a repair service as soon as possible to protect your home from additional damage and deterioration.


Whether you have a metal roof or asphalt shingles, all types of roofs are susceptible to large hail damage. On a metal roof, there may be obvious dents and signs of impact, however recognizing the damage on a asphalt roof may not be as obvious.

Because hail can break and loosen shingles, its important to promptly repair any damage as soon as possible. Untreated hail damage may put your home exposed or at risk of water damage. If you want to enhance your roof’s durability after a recent hail storm, schedule a professional inspection and repair with your local restoration company.

Damaged Windows

Large, heavy pieces of hail can break through glass windows, leaving your home’s interior exposed and vulnerable to the harsh natural elements. Holes and cracks in your windows can also put your home and family at risk of unwanted intruding pests and criminals. Keep your home safe and secure after a hail storm and get your windows repaired as soon as you notice the damage. By hiring a contractor that works closely with your insurance, you’ll be able to recieve the window repair services you need with optimal insurance coverage.

Siding Damage

Hail can cause your siding to split, crack, and develop dents. Hail can also strip your siding’s paint and leave the wood exposed to natural elements which can result on rotting, mold growth, and other deterioration issues. Not only can can siding damage put your home’s foundation at risk of water damage, but it also negatively impacts your home’s curb appeal.

Don’t wait around for the damage to worsen. Contact a trusted siding contractor to quickly and professionally repair the damage as soon as possible.

Contact Lightning Restoration For Expert Repair Services

Has your home been impacted by a recent hail storm? Lightning Restoration is ready to jump to your assistance with fast and reliable storm damage repair services. We’ll start you off with a free inspection so you can feel confident knowing exactly what services your home requires. We’ll also work with your insurance to help you get the most out of your coverage.

To set up a hail damage repair service for your roof, siding, or windows, contact Lightning Restoration today at 651-460-9407.

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