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Commercial Roofing
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Choose Lightning Restoration for Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Don’t put the security of your building in just anyone’s hands. Put your trust in a qualified company with over 30 years of experience in roofing repair and installation! Lightning Restoration is the best choice when it comes to commercial roofing companies in the Twin Cities area!

  • Proven Customer Satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction is a major priority for us here at Lightning Restoration. We’re proud to prove our dedication with many positive reviews from previous customers.
  • High-Quality Results
    Our team of professional contractors utilizes over 30 years of combined experience in the construction industry and top-quality materials to generate lasting results for our customers. When your commercial roof has seen better days, we can restore it to a secure and reliable state.
  • Storm Damage Experts
    Weather in Minnesota can be unpredictable. From powerful winter winds to heavy hail storms, Mother Nature can compromise the integrity of your roof. Our team knows what it takes to restore various types of commercial roofing after a severe weather event. We’re experts when it comes to storm damage repair!
  • Free Inspections
    Only an expert should determine whether your roof requires repair or replacement. Our seasoned contractors take the time to thoroughly inspect your commercial roof to help you spot any problem areas as soon as possible. We’re also happy to ensure all proper preventative measures are taken to sustain your roof’s lifespan and reliability.

Commercial Roofing Services in Apple Valley

If you need help managing the roof of your commercial building, contact the experts at Lightning Restoration in Apple Valley! Our team of seasoned contractors repair roof damage and catch issues before they devolve into expensive problems.

  • Storm damage services
  • Roof repair services
  • Roof replacement services
  • Free storm damage inspections

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As a commercial property owner, you must ensure your building stays secure, safe, and comfortable for your guests and employees. To schedule a consultation with a qualified commercial roofer, contact us online or call 651-899-ROOF.

Contact Lightning Restoration for Commercial Roofing

If you’re in need of professional commercial roofing services, contact Lightning Restoration! From insurance inspections to storm damage repairs, our team can help you maintain a secure, durable, and long-lasting commercial roof. To schedule a service with our team, give us a call at 651-899-ROOF.

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