Signs You Should Replace Your Windows
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Signs You Should Replace Your Windows
Lightning Restoration
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Signs You Should Replace Your Windows

Maintaining a comfortable and durable home is an important responsibility as a homeowner. There are several steps you can take to maximize the security and performance of your home, including deciding to replace your windows. While windows are long-lasting, after a while your home may be due for a new set.

Signs of Window Damage to Watch For

Regularly inspecting your home and maintaining a watchful eye on signs of wear and tear is extremely important. Because your windows can dictate the curb appeal, interior comfort, and energy efficiency of your home, you should ensure they’re in the best shape possible.

Keep an eye out for the signs indicating you should replace your windows.

Broken or Damaged Windows

If you’ve noticed your windows have taken on a variety of natural elements that have left them damaged and broken, consider having your windows replaced rather than repaired.

While a thorough repair job can suffice, your window may still be susceptible to further damage, which can lead to greater and more costly repairs down the road. If your windows are difficult to close or are unable to stay open after experiencing excessive damage, consider having the set replaced.

High Monthly Energy Bills

If you’ve noticed your bills have started to increase throughout the last few months, it could be a sign your windows have become drafty and inefficient. Aged windows can allow air leaks which can cause your HVAC system to work harder and generate larger monthly bills. New windows can seal more efficiently and prevent air from leaking in and out of your home.

Outdated Home Interiors or Exteriors

As one of the most noticeable features of your home, windows play an important role in the overall appearance and aesthetic of your home. If you live in an older home, you may notice certain features and your home’s overall style seem out-of-date.

Because styles and trends change frequently throughout the years, one of the most effective ways to modernize and update your home is to replace old, dated windows with a new set.

The Windows Are Cold to the Touch

You may have never considered this a warning sign, but cold windows can indicate that the pains are not in the best shape. This is due to the insulating properties beginning to break down or have already, and you may need to consider an upgrade.

Improper Air Flow or Poor Lighting

The main purposes of windows are to provide natural light and airflow. Older windows may not be able to operate properly and provide you with the airflow you require. New windows have an easier operation so you can have better access to fresh air throughout your home.

A Recent Storm Has Recently Hit

Between tornadoes and hail storms, your home can experience a number of natural elements throughout the year. Storms can cause excessive wear and tear and additional damage to your windows. High winds and hail can send debris and objects toward your windows and result in cracks and breaks on the surfaces.

If your windows have been damaged by a recent storm, consider having them replaced. At Lightning Restoration, we can install durable windows capable of restoring the security of your home.

You Are Renovating Your Home

If you are taking on a renovation project on an old home you’ve purchased, you should have the windows replaced. Older, historic homes have thin and inefficient windows that create drafts and they don’t have the same kind of aesthetic value newer windows do. Replacing the windows on your old home can enhance its curb appeal and advance its energy efficiency.

Fog Between Window Panes

When double pane windows aren’t sealed properly, moisture is able to get trapped in the space between the panes. So, if you are noticing fog in between your double pane windows, it could be a sign your windows have a seal malfunction. In this case, replacing your windows not only means less energy use, but a clearer view.

Window Replacement Options

There are several different window options available if you are investing in a replacement!

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most common options in homes, and they have a lower and upper sash that will move down and, with some designs, can tilt out.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are designed to swing up to open or out to the side. Its mechanics make it ideal for one single pane of glass, giving a less obstructed view.

Awning Windows

Awning windows work well in areas with a large amount of rain because the design of the window moves outward when they're opened. They are also easy to clean, making them an attractive option for some people.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows work well in an area that has limited space and will traditionally open from the top and tip down and into the room.

Glass Options for Replacement Windows

Another thing you may want to consider when dealing with outdated windows is investing in energy-efficient brands. Some glass materials have a Low-E coating that helps reflect heat, and the lower the rating, the higher the reflection percentage. New windows can also help reduce noise and increase your home's overall value.

Framing Materials

Another consideration you need to make when choosing new windows is the type of framing materials, and two standard options are vinyl and wood.

Wood is known for its durability and aesthetics but requires a certain maintenance level. On the other hand, Vinyl is a more contemporary option and is popular due to its affordability and easy maintenance and installation.

Choosing the Right Manufacturer for Your New Windows

Lightning Restoration only works with the best companies on the market, and our top choices include:

●        Therma Tru

●        Pella

●        Andersen

●        Marvin

●        Hayfield

●        Kensington

All our installs come with a lifetime labor warranty, so when you combine this with these trusted names, you know you have the right product for your home.

Invest in Your Home Today With New Windows

Noticing when your windows are in need of replacement is critical to sustaining a comfortable, beautiful, and secure home. Not only can new windows provide your home with an updated appearance, but they can also make your home more comfortable by advancing the airflow and natural light.

If you’re unsure what kind of windows your home requires, contact the team at Lightning Restoration. We can conduct a free inspection so you know exactly what your home requires. Give us a call today at 651-460-9407.

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