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Are you hoping to find an updated version of standard roofing shingles for your Minnesota home? At Lightning Restoration, we stay on top of the latest roofing innovations, which is why we are one of the only contractors in the Twin Cities area offering Malarkey Roofing Products.

Malarkey shingles are made of rubberized asphalt – upcycled rubber and plastics. Along with superior all-weather resilience, rubber shingles are environmentally friendly. Each roof diverts the equivalent of about five tires or 3,200 plastic bags from the landfill! This material also reduces smog by way of granules that help clean the air.

Why not choose a roofing material that provides better performance while doing more for the environment? Especially when rubber shingles outperform other types of roofing under extreme weather conditions like we have here in Minnesota!

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  • Sustainable, High-Performance Roofing
    Rubber shingles from Malarkey Roofing are made better to last longer and with the least environmental impact
  • Better Protection Against Leaks
    Twice as many rain seals give Malarkey shingles added enforcement against leaks from wind-blown rain for better moisture protection.
  • Resistant to Storm Damage
    Malarkey rubber shingles have the highest rating possible for impact resistant shingles, offering superior defense against hail and storm damage.
  • Premium Warranty Coverage
    As a a Malarkey Certified Contractor, Lightning Restoration can offer you the highest warranty coverage

Sustainable, High-Performance Rubber Shingles

For the best new roof for your Minnesota home, the choice is obvious: Malarkey shingles installed by our pros at Lightning Restoration! In our opinion, which comes from more than 30 years of roofing experience, Malarkey’s rubberized shingles far outperform traditional asphalt shingles, as well as other popular roofing options like metal and cedar shake.

Check out the industry leading features:

  • Class 4 impact rating – many insurance companies offer a discount for homes with Class 4 shingles
  • Wider, stronger wind seal that helps prevent shingle uplift and blow-off
  • Up to 50% longer backing shim to help nails penetrate both shingle layers to best prevent blow-offs
  • Tapered backing shim to promote waterflow and prevent leaks from troughing
  • 50% more laminate bonds than traditional shingles for extra protection.
  • Up to 35% greater tear strength to resist stress and cracking
  • Larger nailing area to improve installation speed, ease, and accuracy
  • Up to 65% better granule adhesion to reduce granule loss

Warranty Protection for Added Peace of Mind

All Malarkey products come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty, which offers limited lifetime coverage against defects. There’s also an alternative “Your Choice” warranty, where Malarkey will match a competitor’s standard warranty.

For even better warranty protection, choose Lightning Restoration for your project!

If you select a Malarkey Certified Contractor to install your roof, who also uses Malarkey’s accessories to complete it, you are eligible for even greater warranty coverage.

Lightning Restoration Is Emerald Premium Certified

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That means when you choose to work with us, you’ll access the Emerald Premium Warranty, the most comprehensive warranty coverage from Malarkey!

Emerald Premium certified contractors are vetted by Malarkey to have at least five years roofing experience, be licensed and insured, in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, and trained in Malarkey products.

Secure Choice™ 5-Part Roof System

To offer the Emerald Premium Warranty, our team must install Malarkey shingles and at least four Malarkey accessories for a complete Secure Choice™ roof system.

In order of installation, the system components are:

  1. Ice and water barrier
  2. Underlayment
  3. Starter shingles
  4. Roofing shingles
  5. Hip and ridge shingles

Arctic Seal® Ice & Water Barrier

For Minnesota homes, ice and water protection is among the most important considerations for your new roof. That’s why we recommend Malarkey, which offers two options for ice and water barriers tailored to asphalt shingle roofs.

Made with Malarkey’s proprietary NEX® Polymer Modified Asphalt for extra strength and durability, Arctic Seal® provides an extra layer of leak protection in critical areas like roof valleys, roof edges, and roof-to-sidewall transitions where rain, snow, and ice collect. It’s also your best weapon to defend against ice dams!

Ask About Our Color Palette Inspirations

We’ve been designing some color palettes for Malarkey shingles to help our customers get inspired. Reach out to our team today to get started with a free consultation and quote!

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