Why Does Condensation Form on Windows?
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Why Does Condensation Form on Windows?
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Why Does Condensation Form on Windows?

Seeing condensation on your windows might feel concerning at first, but in reality, it can mean they are performing exactly as they should be!

Due to temperature fluctuations, condensation occurs and begins to build up. High-efficiency windows excel by keeping the heat in your home. The droplets do not always mean a leak but simply from warm air collecting on the class.

What Factors Create the Condensation?

Understanding why it happens will help you determine if you need a professional window contractor. Here are a few factors that you can inspect that may be contributing to the build-up.

Airflow in the Home

One way to lower condensation is to ensure you have regular airflow through your home. Incorporating items like fans to move the air and checking the exhaust system for your dryer to reduce more water vapor.

Everyday Items

There are items around your home that can increase the moisture ratio. Indoor plants, unseasoned firewood, or even an extra body all create more condensation. In one hour, a family of four can produce half a pint of moisture from perspiration, and in addition, another 4 to 5 are contributed from cooking.

Outside Issues

Another situation to look for is how old your home is. Newer buildings are more prone to excess moisture due to materials such as plaster and wood. In addition, heavy window treatments or keeping your shades closed will also contribute to the build-up due to trapping the warm air against the window. Having proper attic insulation will also support lower condensation levels.

Humidity Levels

One recommendation is to check the humidity in your home. This can be done with a tool called a hygrometer that you can purchase at a hardware store. You want your indoor number to be around 25 to 30 percent, and installing a smart thermostat can help you maintain that percentage.

Take Control of the Humidity in Your Home

Dehumidifiers, running vents outside of the home for all appliances, and ventilating any crawl spaces or basements can also keep moisture levels down. If you are finding more moisture after going through the list and considering window replacement, you want a company that is an expert in window insulation services.

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