How to Maintain a Safe Rental Property Building
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How to Maintain a Safe Multi-Family Housing Building
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How to Maintain a Safe Multi-Family Housing Building

From hotels to apartments, multi-family housing plays a major role in protecting many people. As a business owner, you have the responsibility of ensuring that your building is secure and properly maintained. By taking the necessary steps to service your building, you’ll be able to provide a space that is durable and safe for your guests and residents.

At Lightning Restoration, we provide prompt and professional multi-housing repair and maintenance services. We have the expertise and experience necessary to help you maximize your building’s security. To speak with one of our team members about how we can assist you, contact Lightning Restoration today.

●        Regular Inspections

An effective method of staying on top of building deterioration and necessary repairs is scheduling regular inspections of your property. Inspections allow you to find threatening areas that require professional attention. Without regular inspections, certain areas of your multi-family housing building can become severely damaged, which can result in even more costly repairs down the road.

Lightning Restoration provides free inspections for all of our customers. We want you to feel confident in your building’s security. Our professional contractors will supply you with a thorough report of all of our findings so you can get the best service possible.

●        Hail Damage Repair

Large hailstones can drastically damage your building. When left unrepaired, hail damage can result in roof leaks, broken siding, and cracked windows. After your building endures a hail storm, you should schedule a service with our team of storm damage repair experts. We’ll promptly repair any areas large hailstones have compromised on your property to help you maintain a durable and secure building.

●        Window Replacement

Over time, old windows become worn down and difficult to operate. Old windows provide drafty environments for guests and tenants, which can make for an exceptionally uncomfortable living space. Additionally, aged and drafty windows can negatively impact your building’s energy efficiency. Because old windows aren’t able to effectively regulate your building’s temperature, your HVAC system will have to work harder, resulting in costly energy bills every month.

If your multi-family housing building is due for new windows, Lightning Restoration is ready to assist. We replace old windows with new and durable products. We’ll help you enhance your entire building with our professional window replacement services.

●        Gutter Repair

Your building’s gutters play a major role in protecting your building from water damage. Gutters are responsible for properly escorting water away from your building’s siding and foundation. When broken gutters are left unrepaired, your building can endure severe water damage, which can leave its foundation compromised and weakened.

To prevent your building from experiencing water damage, schedule a professional gutter repair service for any broken areas. By promptly repairing broken gutters, you’ll be able to better protect your building from requiring more severe repairs down the road.

●        Repair Damaged Siding

Siding is another key component of your building’s durability and security. When time and severe weather conditions leave your building’s siding damaged and compromised, your building can endure a number of issues. From water damage to decreased energy efficiency, there are a number of ways damaged siding can negatively impact your building’s condition.

If you’ve noticed your building’s siding start to deteriorate, you should consider scheduling a professional siding repair. Our expert contractors can securely replace and repair your siding to maximize your building’s security. We’ll use top-quality products and thorough installation for increased durability.

●        Roof Repair

You should take the time to inspect your roof on a regular basis. From a ground level perspective, it can be difficult to know exactly how your roof has been compromised. When damaged areas are left to worsen, your roof may develop leaks and the foundation can deteriorate. By scheduling prompt roof repair services, you’ll be able to establish a safe and comfortable living space for your guests and tenants.

For expert roof repair services, Lightning Restoration is here to assist. Our team knows what it takes to maximize a commercial roof’s dependability with secure workmanship and high-quality products.

Your Multi-Family Housing Contractor

From siding repair to storm damage inspections, Lighting Restoration is ready to help you stay on top of all of your building’s threatening areas. We utilize years of building repair experience and top-quality workmanship to ensure your multi-family housing is in the best condition possible.

To get started with a free inspection, contact Lightning Restoration today at 651-460-9407.

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