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The Benefits of a Metal Roof
Lightning Restoration
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The Benefits of a Metal Roof

As a homeowner, it’s important to select each of your house’s components carefully. After all, you will want your house to remain secure and durable for many years to come, keeping you and your family safe. One of the most critical pieces of your house’s security is the roof. Your roof endures a variety of natural forces including snow, rain, ice, heat, and wind. Because of this, your roof should be made of durable materials.

At Lightning Restoration, we install metal roofing for residential houses. Using quality craftsmanship and unmatched expertise, our team will securely install your new metal roof. After installation, you’ll experience why this material is an excellent option for your home. However, prior to installation, you should consider whether a metal roof is the best decision for your home. There are many benefits to equipping your home with a metal roof, including:

●        Long Life Span | Metal roofs are notorious for their durability and long life span. A properly installed metal roof should last around 50 or more years. With Lighting Restoration’s quality craftsmanship, we can ensure your new roof is securely installed and ready to sustain a long period of protecting your home.

●        Aesthetically Appealing | With a beautiful metal roof, you won’t have to compromise your home’s aesthetics. Metal roofs are extremely versatile and can add an elegant touch to just about any home. No matter your style preference, a metal roof will suit your home.

●        Wind Resistant | Because metal roofs are exceptionally durable, you can rest assured the material will withstand powerful winds. With Minnesota’s extreme blizzard conditions and notably high winds, a metal roof’s connected panels will provide you with the reassurance and durability necessary to protect your home all year long.

●        Fire Resistant | Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofs are fire-resistant, making them a safe and secure option for your home. Metal roofing will better protect your home in moments of unforeseen accidents.

●        Energy Efficient | Save money every month with a durable metal roofing system. Metal roofs are incredibly energy efficient, which allows you to keep cool air in during the summer and warm air inside your home during the winter.

Because metal roofs are so energy efficient, your HVAC system won’t have to work harder than necessary to keep your home comfortable. Not only will this save you money on your monthly energy bills, but it will also prolong your HVAC system’s lifespan. Your metal roof will save your HVAC system from overworking and wearing out.

●        Lighter on Your Home’s Foundation | Metal roofs are notably lighter than other roofing materials, which make them a beneficial choice for your home’s foundation. Rather than weighing down on your home’s foundation and compromising its integrity, metal roofs are lighter and less damaging to your home’s base.

Adding a metal roof to your home will provide you with a number of advantages. Whether you want to maintain your home’s aesthetic value or you wish to add an element of security, Lighting Restoration is ready to assist. With our metal roofing installation services, we’ll install your new roof promptly and efficiently.

Top-Notch Metal Roof Installation Services

If you’re interested in adding a metal roof to your home, the team at Lighting Restoration is ready to help. Professional and experienced, Lighting Restoration provides quality metal roof installation services.

We arrive to each project ready to help our customers experience the benefits of a high-quality, durable metal roof. There are several advantages to working with the team at Lighting Restoration.

●        Unmatched Expertise | Every member of our team brings professionalism and extensive experience to every project. When you have a roof installed by Lighting Restoration, you can rest assured that your project is completed by the most qualified team of contractors possible.

●        Financing Options | We want our customers to get the services they need when they need them without any hassle or difficulty, which is why we provide a variety of financing options for you to choose from. We’ll work with you so you can get the most out of your experience with us.

●        Quality Customer Service | At Lighting Restoration, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We will do everything we can to ensure you receive the communication and guidance necessary for a successful experience.

●        Insurance Assistance | Insurance policies can be confusing, we know! Our team wants to ensure you are getting the services you need after experiencing any kind of natural disaster. To make your experience as simple and efficient as possible, we’ll work with your insurance policy to help you get the restoration services you need.

Lighting Restoration wants to help you restore and maintain your home so it can remain in the best condition possible. Your safety and satisfaction is our primary concern. To schedule a free quote for your next project, contact Lighting Restoration today at 651-460-9407.

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