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Roofing & Exteriors Contractor Serving Eagan, MN

Lighting Restoration is here to make the process as straightforward and smooth as possible when upgrading or repairing your Eagan home's exterior! We specialize in all areas of exterior services, ranging from roofing services to siding, so if you are looking for expert care near Eagan, count on our local and experienced team to deliver exceptional results!

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  • Financing Options Available
    Don't let financing get in the way of your renovation or repair! We offer options based on what works best for our clients’ budgets.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranties
    Choosing an upgrade or a new installation is an investment, so we offer limited lifetime warranties to help offer peace of mind.
  • Insurance Assistance
    We understand how confusing the process can be when working with insurance companies, so we provide a dedicated representative to help you through each step.
  • Personalized Services
    We value creating an experience that makes our clients return customers through trust, so we work hard to personalize any projects you require.

Choose Lightning Restoration to Protect Your Eagan Home or Property

Our team strives to provide a restoration experience that lets you know we care about your project through open and honest communication, personalized services, and fair and honest pricing backed by warranties.

Lightning Restoration is not only a top-rated restoration business near Eagan but also a family-owned and operated company that places value on the integrity that comes with a community-based mindset.

We want your experience to be as easy as possible and straightforward, so we work hard to maintain open lines of communication throughout the process. If you are looking for a company that values integrity and honesty, we are here to help, so contact us today.

Increase Your Eagan Home's Value With Exterior Upgrades

Your home's exterior will directly affect the property's value, so why not keep it in the best condition possible by enhancing it?

Our highly-skilled contractors are trained in multiple areas of exterior renovation, and our quality shines in all of our 5-star reviews from our happy customers, so call us today for your free quote!


The gutters on your home serve an essential role in maintaining the property by keeping the rain from pooling on your roof or around your home's foundation. However, this can be a concern if they have sustained damage because the house can take on water damage if not addressed.


If your windows are looking outdated, upgrading them can help improve the home's aesthetics while lowering your energy bill each month. They can also help enhance the views around your property, so if you require replacement windows, give us a call.

Storm Damage Repair

It's no secret that Minnesota is known for its intense storms, especially in the winter months. These environmental factors can put extra pressure on your home's exterior and cause damage that can build up over time.

You don’t want to leave this unchecked, so call the storm damage repair experts at Lightning Restoration for prompt and efficient services.


Your roof is a large part of the structural integrity of your home, so if it has sustained damage or needs to be replaced, you don't want to hesitate.

Even a missing shingle can potentially cause internal damage due to water getting inside the home, so call us today if you have any concerns!

Siding & Insulation

Your siding and insulation both work to keep your home protected from things like dirt, moisture, and insects. If your siding looks worn or damaged, or you find that your attic insulation needs replacing, you don't want to ignore this.

Lightning Restoration offers a lifetime labor warranty on any siding job and specializes in insulation projects you can trust.

Get a Free Quote for Roofing & Exteriors in Eagan, MN

Our commitment to our community and pride in excellence is why we have been a leading company our clients call on for over three decades. We don't compromise on quality, and whether you need commercial roofing services or attic insulation, we have you covered.

Keeping your home in excellent condition is a priority for us, so contact us at 651-460-9407 today.

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